Hamilton Reformed Church is a family friendly and family-style church who confesses Jesus Christ, the risen Son of God, as our Lord. Guided by the authority of Scripture, nurtured through the power of corporate worship, and made whole by the Holy Spirit we are called join a divine mission of connecting people to God's family, Word, and way of life.

Hamilton Reformed Church belongs to

A Christian Evangelical Denomination. We profess the faith expressed in the Apostle's Creed and affirm other historical statements of belief.

Members of Hamilton Reformed Church are called into a mission of


"Connecting people

to God's family, Word, and way of life."

It's a call to connect people to the resources and relationships within

God's family so others may

encounter Jesus Christ.

It's a call to connect people to the life-changing and life-saving message

found in God's Word, the Bible.

It's a call to connect people to

God's way of life. It's a new life that compels us to reject sin (in the world and in ourselves) by following Jesus through the hope-filled, forward-looking

mission of the Church.

Intentional Faith Development:

Members of HRC strive to consciously, decisively, and relentlessly cultivate a more mature faith in Jesus Christ.

Selfless Generosity:

Members of HRC strive to direct abundantly more of their time, money, and energy towards serving the poor in our community.

Compassionate Acts Of Service:

Members of HRC strive to gracefully care for and meet the needs of the lost and the hurting.

Open Hospitality:

Members of HRC strive to zealously pursue the outsiders to extend them the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.