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Hamilton Reformed Church is grateful to partner with the following missionaries and mission organizations. If you would like additional information about HRC's mission support, please email the office at

Chad Vanden Bosch:

Chad's ministry has been two-fold. Working with the
distribution of solar talking Bibles in Mozambique through Audio Scripture Ministries and an agricultural
training ministry. His wife Dara, a nurse, tends to hospice patients in their area of Mozambique.

Bethany Flynn:

Bethany is currently working in Alaska as an EMT. She is in the process of completing her training as a missionary. She is seeking God's direction and hopes to do ministry in Asia.

Josiah Walcott:

Josiah works with Youth for Christ in Europe. His ministry is working with the kids on US military bases, providing them with an opportunity to share in Christ's love.

Sandi Nyboer: Teen Life On Campus

Sandi's heart for kids has lead her to share the love of Christ with the students of Hamilton community and schools.

WordPartners (formerly Leadership Resources:

WordPartners is base in south Chicago, Illinois. Their primary ministry is to transform pastors in other countries in the truth of Jesus and how to convey that to the people of their culture. The goal is that these indigenous pastors are able to then train more pastors in their countries and cultures.

Dave and Linda McCleery:

Dave serves with the ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Dave has served in many different capacities, from piloting aircraft to administration.

Josh & Alison Perkins

Dean and Christine Van Farrow:

Pastor Dean and Christine have partnered in ministry for many years at Calvary Reformed Church of Cleveland OH. Their focus has been on intercity ministry, to both adults and kids in the neighborhood.

Jennifer Lucking:

Jennifer serves with the RCA in Canada in an administrative position, assisting in changing young women's lives that are involved in the illegal trafficking trade.

Grant Me Hope: (Helen Zeerip)

Grant Me Hope is a ministry that focuses on teen foster kids. It allows these kids to express themselves in a short video, in churches, television, and internet, in hope that the right family might consider adoption.

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