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The life of Hamilton Reformed Church is governed by a group of leaders known as the Consistory. Members of HRC's Consistory are made up of Elders and Deacons; each of whom are called by Jesus to protect and advance the mission of the church. While the Elders are ordained to care for the entire life and spiritual well-being of the congregation, the Deacons are ordained to care for the poor and oversee the distribution of HRC's valuable, material resources in the community. Additionally, the Pastor of HRC serves as the president of Consistory to help facilitate the entire ministry of the Elders and Deacons. Together, the Consistory share in the leadership of the church in its mission.


Lead Pastor:  Kevin Hart

Calling Pastor:  Ron Lugten



Gary Jurries

Jim Kraker

Terry Dougan

Jeff Reuschel

Calvin Kragt

Scott Essenburg



Mike Bosch

Ryan Lindholm

Ross Eding

Rick Eustice

Tyler Taratuta

Tom Weerstra

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